Well, after saving money and buying stuff, I have all the hardware except for a few hoses. Got the rails and injectors assembled and need to pressure test them, and then I can start The Job.

Also realized that the final result in a boost pressure from the turbos of around 15psi, and my stock vaccuum/boost gauge stops at 14psi. Have new gauge ready, to be mounted on A-piller. Also, may end up with more torque than the stock clutch can handle, so a new one will be the next step.

I just have to make sure the fuel lines are all tightened properly when stating the car, or it'll be Tiger, Tiger, burning bright.


Semi-technical reason for why my car is invisible

Soooo........Like I said, the fuel injector for the #3 cylinder is dead. Doing some research, I found that the injectors for the early Z32 (through '94) are not only $50 or so more than the newer style injectors, but also don't deal as well with the additives in fuel now. Ok, so I think about replacing the injectors. Well, the newer injectors don't fit in the older fuel rails. By the way, here is the procedure for doing it, but I only recommend looking if you have an idea of how an engine is structured. Seems simple enough, just need to get the new fuel rails, only around $130. Unfortunately, those don't mount on the older lower intake manifold (aluminum block in the middle of the engine that channels the air into the cylinders and where the fuel is added to the air). Oh, okay. I guess I can get one of those. I'll be adding upgraded Nismo injectors later, anyway, so I might as well get this out of the way. It's only a couple of hundred dollars. To replace the the manifold, I need to remove the timing belt.

Fuck that!

That's a pain in the ass I do not want to deal with until I need a new belt, which should be somewhere around 53,000 miles from now.

That leaves me with a rather intriguing option: aftermarket fuel rails.

As far as I can tell, the best set for my car is made by the company 300 Degree. Here's a picture (the six red things sticking up are the injectors). Better fuel flow and they mount the newer injectors to older-style manifold. Perfect! $405. Crap. Well, might as well do that. I'll end up doing eventually it anyway, now is probably a better time than later.

Speaking of which, those newer injectors cost around $105 apiece, and the Nismo injectors are only $15 more, what's that get me? $720! Ooh. so, $1125 so far and that's without the extra little bits of hardware like seals and such.

Oh, and to use the new injectors properly, need to upgrade my ECU. Well, that's something I was definitely going to do. $250 to $600. Well, I'll go with the most reliable company with the best reputation. $550 or so.

$1675 so far, and while I'm in there I'll replace several 17 year old rubber hoses for a couple hundred dollars.

Anyway, since driving the car with one cylinder dead can cause permanent damage, I'll set aside money and drive either a family members Honda or the broken truck in the mean time. So, my car should be out and about in the spring.


A post

I really need to post more often.

So, I figured out what the hesitation is caused by in my car. The #3 fuel injector is dead.


I'll be not driving anywhere for a while, at least not far and not in my car. It'll just sit in the garage until the part arrives, and then until it gets put in the car (pain in the ass).

More to be added later.


news 9/24

Wheels and tires all swapped out now, very nice looking.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my car has just started sounding weird.


News 9/8

Have front tires and one wheel, and I'll be ordering the other one next payday. Buying auto parts on a budget sucks. Next comes either exhaust or some suspension upgrades.